TUESDAY AFTERNOON - 3:06 pm 12/16/86 HQ

The tension drops like a fish on a dock, with a rapid knock on the door and a grand Dideo entrance.

“Ho Ho Ho, boys!!”

Anthony enters followed by a slightly less enthusiastic Joey. Mike knows that his Perry Mason moment is DOA.

“Perfect timing, Andre the Giant.”

He returns to the nog decanter. Anthony moves over to the table and holds out his hand.


Joey rolls his eyes and hands Anthony a red velvet bag, tied with green roping and three gold-toned jingle bells. Of course Anthony rings them for effect.

“Ho Ho Ho! I give you...the first pre-pre-Christmas gift me and Joey give unto youz!”

He reaches into the bag and pulls out five badges which he lays out on the table.

“Joey’s Pop had these made for us. Whadya think? You like?”


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