TUESDAY AFTERNOON - 3:37pm 12/16/86 HQ

The guys head into the HQ, while Jacob makes a quick stop at the kitchen door to update his father. As usual, Eric Laberman is always supportive of his family if not a little prone to worrying.

"Well, at least no one got hurt. Go on into the HQ and I'll be out in a little while with your Mom and Bubbe's food & supplies bundle. Let me know if there's anything you guys need, okay? Are you stocked up on ammunition? Did you do the lockdown pre-inventory? Remember, lockdown at four, okay son?"

Jacob's dad dons his usual cautious smile and goes back inside, locking the door behind him. I love you, Dad.

The HQ door is already locked. Jacob knocks the new code sequence and Mike opens the door.

"Oh, I"m sorry dear. We already have plenty of Girl Scout cookies."

Jacob smiles.

"Yeah, yeah. Wiseass."

Looking around, the gang has already started getting comfortable for the night. Anthony is sitting in front of the fire, wrapped in a blanket. Jason and Mike are seated on the sofa, while Joey is double-checking the back door lock and laying out back-up weapons. He notices Jacob's look and shrugs.

"I have a bad feeling about what's to come. I want to be more than prepared."

As Jacob peels off his layers, he looks at the table near the window and the rather stark reminder of the danger they're all in.

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