THURSDAY AFTERNOON - 2:45pm 12/18/86 House of the Trium

The link between Jacob and Caleb releases as Eddie’s voice can be heard in the hallway.

“Mother, I think it’s time the Black Watch head out.”

She nods to their protector.

“Agreed. (beat) Jason, Michael, the Curfew is approaching and it’s already snowing pretty hard. You should start to prepare yourselves for the journey home.”

Anthony stands upright with his shoulders back, the Mantle’s strength pulsing through his body with every heartbeat.

“Wellllll, we really don’t have to worry about the Curfew. We are the Black Watch! And, the Beast will get us through a little fluffy frozen water, no problemo!”

Dauengard speaks in a very calm voice.

“I’m so very proud of you, Anthony. My Rogan. All of you boys. But, if Eddie thinks it’s time to head back, there has got to be a good reason.”

There is a change in the air inside the crowded hall. A static charge causes everyone’s hair to lift and shudder. The guys notice the scent of ozone as it ushers in a coming storm. The dark wooden walls begin to glow with a honey golden hue. Amber. There’s a faint hum riding through all the rumbling whispers and shuffling sounds of feet and the structure of the entire building vibrates with energy awaiting release. Leaning against the furthest wall, Eddie’s head is now ringed in a vibrant, golden halo. Renaissance painting style. His eyes, gone from chestnut to burning blue, dart toward the front as if responding to a sudden sound.

“Safe travels, gentlemen. Safeties off, eyes wide.”

Steve steps up to him cautiously.

“Let us help. We can handle ourselves. We can...”

Eddie tilts his head slightly toward the door.

“I got this.”

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