THURSDAY AFTERNOON - 2:53pm 12/18/86 House of the Trium

As the others move through the kitchen into the living room, Joey is already at the front window peering out into the open field across the road. Eddie opens the door and heads out to the porch.

“Alright, guys. Just head out to your vehicle and ignore the trespassers. They’re after the deer...and maybe one of the human flock for good measure. Not gonna happen.”

Anthony already hugged and kissed Dauengard and makes his way to the Beast. Hopping in he immediately opens the window.

“You sure about this, Eddie? I mean, we can make chop meat in under 60 seconds!”

Joey hops up into the passenger seat holding a Mossberg shotgun.


As the others climb aboard, Eddie steps up, parallel to the Beast drivers side.

“The mutts are hungry, low-level demons looking for a little meat and fear. They can’t get into the house, and little do they know, they are locked onto the property. The only way they’re dead.”

Steve opens the left back window portal and sticks his head out.

“You got this, Eddie. See ya later!”

Eddie flashes a Shaka sign with his hand as Anthony starts the engine. Jason hears a clear and familiar voice in his head.

“It was a pleasure to meet you here, Jason. I will mentor you to greatness. Be safe, you and your brothers. Take with you this example of manipulating the Lines of Essence.”

As the Beast starts to pull away, Anthony hits the air horn. As the sound echos off and fades, a high-pitched, metallic crackling envelopes the vehicle before stopping suddenly. Joey and Jacob look at one another.

“What the hell?”

Mike is looking out the right side as a large white blur moves in a flash from the house up and over the field.

The Beast carries them home through the raging snow.

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