FRIDAY MORNING - 10:17am 12/19/86 Public Library

As the Beast pulls into the snow-covered library parking lot, Frank’s truck and two police trucks are parked at a distance from the closed building. Frank flags down the Beast. Before Anthony even parks, Jacob opens the door and jumps out.

“What is it, Frank?! Where is Mike!”

Frank meets Jacob and walks him a good ten feet further into the lot.

“He’s in there, Jacob. But he’s not alone. Ken Rasmussen, the guy from the recreation department and two others are in there with him. They’re not...normal. Ken was outside when we arrived. He has an automatic rifle and a shitload of ammo. He said he’ll start shooting if we go near the door. He ranted on about Arwic and the sweet devotion and gift of true agony. Freaky shit. (beat) Landon had his binoculars trained on the door when Ken went back in. What he’s not good, Jacob. Some kind of ritual. Smoke was flowing out the vent in the roof. The ceiling isn’t stable. And with the snowfall, the weight on the roof has got to be intense.”

Jacob is on the edge.

“We have to get in there, Frank! We have to do something!”

“ I know, I know! But, we have to be careful. There’s something very dark going on. One of our Sentinels already was hit by some kind of spell or something. He was confused and suddenly very depressed. He cut his own arm with a combat knife. Pretty bad, almost to the bone. I had to knock him out and cuff him. Then we heard screaming and metallic sounds...chains?”

Steve and the guys are already armed and waiting for the word to storm the place

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