FRIDAY AFTERNOON - 2:30pm 12/19/86 House of the Trium

After the feast put out by Dauengard and the Batch House residents, the crew comes out to the main seating area to discuss. Mike's already looking better after getting some food.

"After that fight, we definitely need to take more precautions into hand. We can't just rush in when assault rifles are being used against us. We need to wear armor of some kind. We'll need to convince Steve to start wearing armor as well. If we go down within the first minute, we're no use to anyone. The Beast is equipped with all kinds of gear. We need to use it."

Seeing most everyone agree, although Joey seems hesitant about being encumbered, Jacob continues.

"We also need to figure out a way to protect our families as the Brothers of Pain are luring us away and attacking them. A central compound? I don't know. Start thinking things over. We also have Malphas and his 'proposal'. The old school has been granted to us to use as needed by the Mayor, but we need to clean it out and get things started. People in this town are going to need to be trained to defend themselves. We also need intelligence about who the Brothers of Pain actually are. They know all about us, but they're keeping us in the dark, so to speak. We may need to reach out to the Von Holstein brothers to help with that regard. Jason, continue working with Willy and learn whatever you can. The reconnaissance abilities of that 'Eyes of the Veneer' spell helped a lot when Kenley used it. I'd also like to keep a journal or lexicon on all of the shadow beings and demons we encounter. If we learn of a weakness, that information needs to be shared. What are your thoughts?"

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