FRIDAY AFTERNOON - 2:43pm 12/19/86 House of the Trium

The guys look at one another as if expecting another shoe to fall. Anthony raises an imaginary glass.

“I say, why not? Surinites are a rare breed. If Jacob vouches for you and my mother trusts’re family!”

The others join in with the pantomime toast. All except Steve. Anthony turns melodramatically.

“It’s a funny thing. Steve’s only minutes back from the dead with a full beard and bed head. Thank the Gods! But, that pretty young priestess from Kentucky shows up and suddenly Steve’s not here. Amen to the power of faith!”

This time, even Christie Blender laughs at her son’s much-deserved expense. (beat) Suddenly the front door swings open, with Eddie stepping in from a bitter cold.

“Landon Stillwater and another Sentinels agent are driving up the road in his Range Rover. Something doesn't feel right.”

By the time the guys hear all of what Eddie has to say, Joey is on his feet, focused and ready with sword drawn.

“Since 1983, when does anything ever feel right?”

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