FRIDAY AFTERNOON - 2:46pm 12/19/86 House of the Trium

The Land Rover struggles to park in the snow covered patch most resembling a parking area. Regardless, two figures approach the front porch. Eddie greets the two men outside, then ushers them in. The two shake off the snow and stand just inside within the fire’s warmth. Landon coughs a few times.

“I’m sorry to barge in, Ma’am. We...I need to speak with Jacob and the Watch.”

Dauengard steps to him and offers her hand.

“You can call me by my true name - Dauengard. You must be Landon Stillwater.”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

“Dauengard will be just fine. (beat) I knew your grandmother. Welcome.”

Since no one leaves the living room, Landon continues.

“At the same time of the confrontation at the library, there were simultaneous strikes on members of the New Celestial Order.”

Jacob was expecting something.

“Landon. What happened?”

“The Brothers of Pain attacked the Kobold’s Den. Reggie Ableson and Rachel Taggart we’re tortured and killed while several children, playing a fantasy board game, were forced to watch before themselves subjected to...well, a similar fate.”

Steve is standing at the landing to the stairs.

“NO!! Who the hell are these motherfuckers?!”

Christie Blender starts toward her son.

“Steven, please...”

“No, Mom! We need to stop these assholes!”

Landon continues.

“They opened the doors without telling anyone of their attack, allowing townspeople to just discover, aftermath.”

Mike barely looks up.

“Who else?”

The other Sentinel, Damien Lee, puts his hand on Landon’s shoulder in support. Landon bites back tears.

“They attacked Luciano’s...unsuccessfully. Everybody’s okay...but the restaurant will have to undergo extensive repairs.”

Anthony is fighting back tears.

“Grazie, Gesù Cristo mio salvatore. (beat) Joey, we have to get home!”

Landon has more.

“They also hit the Valley Hospital pretty hard. There are at least 27 casualties.”

Jacob looks drained as Caleb rubs his shoulder.


Landon is finding it hard to speak, so Damien answers.

“Frank was taken to the Order’s Medical Center. They’re safe.”

Jacob is relieved.

“Thank the Gods, Frank and my Bubbe weren’t at the Valley Hospital.”

There’s a moment of silence before Christie steps forward.

“Jacob, honey. (beat) Your grandmother wasn’t taken to the Center because of her need for chemotherapy. She was being treated in their Oncology ward at Valley. (beat) I believe your father was with her.”

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