FRIDAY AFTERNOON - 2:50pm 12/19/86 House of the Trium

Landon looks up at Jacob.

"That's the thing. (beat) Six nurses were flayed and draped over the lighting fixtures outside your grandmothers room. Two residents were then forced to eat her doctor alive while she watched. The poor man is on life support, a quadruple amputee."

Mike sees his best friend overcome with emotion.

"Landon. Why didn't they kill Mrs. Laberman?"

Christie stands, folding her arms.

"Because they already have. (beat) Yesterday, Dr. Kline told me that the chemotherapy and limited radiation aren't effecting the cancer. (beat) We've never seen anything like this before. (beat) Jacob...the cancer is unbelievably aggressive. Given everything we've seen over the last three years, we believe that this disease is somehow engineered...and not of this world."

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