FRIDAY AFTERNOON - 2:53pm 12/19/86 House of the Trium

Landon glances at Damien, then looks directly at Jacob.

“The things they’ve done...with the Brothers of Pain, there is no just people. Natural humans can not tear people apart and decorate a hospital like a Christmas tree. The speed, ease of action and sheer brutality of these acts has introduced an enemy more dangerous than we’ve ever encountered. The BoP thrive on suffering and agony. (beat) And if Malphas was serious about an alliance...we have to wonder what would make a legion of vampiric monsters so afraid.”

Mike puts his arm around Jacob, then looks him in the eyes.

“Look. We’ll get to the bottom of this and learn. We’ll learn, adapt and strike. (beat) The pricks get off on causing pain. Stands to reason that they thrive on the fear and utter madness of it all. Bullies from Beyond. But, when you stand up to a bully they shit their pants!”

Anthony stands.

“We’re The Black Watch, god dammit! No bully's gonna piss on our town and make us merda i nostri pantaloni! (...shit our pants!)

Mike continues.

“Anthony, warm up the Beast. We gotta get you and Joey home. (beat) Jason, you stay here and learn everything Willy has to teach you. (beat) Jacob, Caleb, we’ll go check on your dad and get Sylvia out of the hospital. Just put her in your Sanctuary to stabilize her, then Caleb can beam you guys back to HQ. I’ll ride back with Landon and Damien. We’ll rendezvous back at HQ for lockdown, and prepare for the Osmond Brothers! (beat) That plan work?!”

Caleb seems excited.

“We’ll have to stop at the HQ first so I can scan the location as an anchor.”

Landon readies his keys.

“Let’s do it! After we drop you off, we’ll head out to Frank and the Medical Center and lock that mother down!”

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