FRIDAY EVENING - 10:13pm 12/19/86 The Beast


The woods are quiet. I can hear a stream splashing cold mountain water on frozen rocks on the banks. The new ice crowning each moss-covered surface, giving divine voice to the Singing Rocks of Keriscal.

“Jacob Malachi.”

Beyond the Great Silver Oak, in a grove of hallowed moon birch trees, a pair of scamps playfully dig for nuts and roots to carry the winter.

“Sheyn enygl. My beautiful boy.”

Its head rises in the sun. Her gift of life wrapping the forest in an embrace every living being knows only as love.

“To your spirit I bring your blood.”

A morning sparrow sings its devotion in a song any can hear. A melody in an ancient tongue from a time when many still cared to listen.

Jacob feels the touch of her hand on his shoulder. She gently shakes him in...

“Jacob? You okay? Wake up, buddy. You’re home.”

He opens his eyes to see Anthony's face bending down, illuminated by the gauges and meters of the Beast cockpit. He turns to see Caleb sleeping on the seat next to him. He lightly shakes Caleb’s arm.

“Caleb. (beat) We’re home. Wake up now.”

Anthony opens the door wider.

“I dropped the other guys off first, thinking you need the extra sleep. I thought Red Oak was a little risky at this time of night, so I brought you both here. (beat) Stai bene?“

Caleb smiles.

“We’re fine, Rogan. I mean, sorry I...”

“I know what you mean, kid. Let’s get you guys inside. Joey went in ahead to light a fire. (beat) It’s a cold one tonight. A weird night. I feel it.”

He cocks his pistol then steps aside to let the boys out.

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