FRIDAY EVENING - 10:16pm 12/19/86 The Beast

"Thanks buddy."

Jacob places a hand on Anthony's shoulder and smiles at him.

"I think Caleb is going to live here now. At least until we make better plans for the group. And don't worry, I'm not going to let the shadows or the war stop your Christmas. You guys mean the world to me."

He and Caleb enter HQ, seeing Joey stoking the fire.

"Thanks Joey. You guys take it easy and rest up tonight."

Jacob takes over tending the fire, relieving Joey, who's gone in a blink as usual.
They proceed to get blankets and pillows situated to prepare to bed down. Then begin the lockdown procedures again as the Beast pulls away.

While activating the sigils and wards, Jacob speaks.

"I believe Our Mother was near as I was sleeping in the Beast. Perhaps she has something to share and we both could use the rest. Sleep well Brother Caleb."

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