Saturday Morning - 7:03am 12/20/86 HQ

Three mugs of hot cocoa later and a golden glow is starting to warm the skies of Mountaindale. Jacob and Caleb talked through missing loved ones, homesickness, fear of the unknown, true evil and the many possibilities involved in the workings of the Celestial realms. Jacob stands, yawns and stretches while Caleb once again tends the fire. Suddenly , the serenity of a frozen winter morning is interrupted by the Beast pulling up the driveway.

“I guess that thing doesn’t have a quiet mode.”

Caleb giggles.

“Blessed Mother.”

The door opens and Joey and Anthony enter the HQ.

“Buongiorno amici! (beat) I smell hot chocolate! You makin’?!”

Caleb fills the kettle in the bathroom sink.

“Awwww...Grazie, Caleb!”

Joey plops on the couch as Anthony warms his hands by the fire. Jacob is curious.

“What brings you boys around so early?”

Anthony gestures Jacob to sit on the futon as he does the same.

“So, Frank passed away last night after Landon brought him home to the Meade House.”

Joey interjects.

“Well, Malphas told us what their plan was. So, the whole Sentinel team was on guard. Our dads weren’t too pleased either having dan'jaraas lurking about. But all went off as planned.”

Anthony takes over.

“We weren’t allowed to be there, but me and Joey were on alert. (beat) Apparently Malphas drained Frank while Landon held him. Kind of beautiful, actually. Well, except that Mikey was sucking on his thigh like a horned up man-tick.”

“Anthony! Have some respect!”

“What?! I just meant that it was peaceful, that’s all. That’s what Boo Boo said, anyway. Then Frank faded away, pale as a breaded veal filet, until his heart stopped.”

There is a long silence.

“But then...his eyes opened and rolled back in his head. Boo Boo said that’s when it started getting friggin’ spooky! He started making really guttural sounds, gnashing his teeth. They had to lock him to the bed with leather restraints and chains.”

Caleb is hanging on every word.

“Now what? What do they have to do next?”

“Well, they have to stay with him around the clock for three days. He has to be surrounded by positive, loving thoughts. Landon would like youz to come by sometime today and pray over him. Talk to him about Surin. I’m going there tonight to tell the seven journeys of Rogan and pray from the tablets of Aëthelgrim.”

Caleb turns to Jacob.

“What do you think, brother?”

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