TUESDAY MORNING - 6:03am 5/1/90 Blender House


“Hey, Ma!?”

”I’m downstairs!”

”I know! I just wanted to call attention to the remarkable chemistry between you and your boyfriend. MOOOOO!”

”Smart ass!”

Christie Blender enters through the basement door carrying a basket of laundry and a file folder clenched in her teeth.

”Tnake dhis fer me.”

Steve grabs the basket from his mother and places it on the kitchen table.

”I think I’d hear you better if you took that folder out of your mouth.”

He laughs at at his own witty dig on his mom. She rolls her eyes and grabs the folder before her curious kid goes for the bait.

”What’s in the folder?”

She holds the mystery folder securely In an embrace.

”Oh, this little old folder? This dumb thing that reads...”

Christie makes a show of reading the front sheet.

”Come on, Ma...”

”This thing with a name written at the top? Hmmmm...lemme see. Oh, there it is. Sophie Blender. Hmmm...”

”Come on, Ma. Let me see the folder.”

She swings the folder away from Steve’s grabbing hands.

”Uh uh uh! Medical personnel only!”

Steve is almost reaching Steve frustration stage and his mother knows every nuance of the transformation.

”You mean...this folder...with that funny word written under yesterday’s date?”


She smiles from ear to ear.

”Oh, that’s what it says...”

She bows deeply, holding the folder out toward her boy.

”Here ya go...Dad.”

Steve smiles and holds the folder up to read the tag.



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