TUESDAY MORNING - 11:25am 5/1/90 MAC Center

The May Day Bounty Blessing goes off beautifully. The participants are in awe of the power of Surin visibly present around them. Both fields and livestock are blessed with particular blessings of protection for the newborn animals. The unity of the all working for a common purpose swells hearts and brings some to tears.

A few members of the community may sway toward the Surinite faith, Jacob hopes.

After taking a short moment to thank and personally greet those in attendance, Jacob sends Caleb to look for the hot-house tomatoes he promised his father. The rest of the crew gathers back at the Beast.

"Darnesc, we're going to The Citadel next to meet with others of the Black Watch. My partner Diarmuid Quinn, Brother of Light in the Temple of Bregor will be speaking and then we will officially anoint young Juan here as a Surinite Acolyte in the chapel. I'm sure he would appreciate you being there. Plus, you may recognize some other familiar souls among us. I look forward to talking with you more."

Turning to Sophie

"Sophie, do you have a ride, or would you like to come with us? I'm not sure what Steve's plans are."

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