TUESDAY MORNING - 8:45am 5/1/90 Kateri House

After hearing everything Wyatt is now more restless than ever.
Looking out the window staring at the Grandfather tree, he feels that this battle is the first of many.
He thinks of the past night trying to remember what he was doing before he transformed. Think Wyatt think!

He was walking in the woods avoiding any unwanted attention, he was setting traps in hopes of catching some rabbits for his grandmother.

That’s right! There was something in the woods, or someone? Ah why is it so hard to remember?

He smacks himself on the forehead.

Well I better go check on the traps. It’s not like I’m doing anything here. Hopefully I can find a deer, I saw the farmers out in the field today, I can use the bone meal to help their crops grow.

He gets up and gets dressed, restrings his bow and pulls out his knife. Wyatt speaks to the knife.

“Thank you for saving our Grandmother.”

He sheathes the blade. Knowing that he is supposed to be resting and seeing that the window is already open, he takes the opportunity and climbs out. Seeing how he has done this many, many times before he manages the climb with ease.
He makes his way over to the grandfather oak and looks at the fresh grave, waiting, watching for any sort of movement. He closes his eyes and speaks to the ancestral tree.

“Please watch over my Grandmother while I am away. I shouldn’t be gone long. I will return before dark, so please until then may she be here when I get back.”

Wyatt proceeds towards the brush in hopes of not only bringing back some meat for Grandmother’s meat pie, but to think about all that she has said and what is to come.

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