TUESDAY MORNING - 9:25am 5/1/90 MAC Center

Darnesc smiles at the kindness he feels in the company of these new friends.

"I'd love to come to your Citadel. And this place has more familiar souls than you might think."

He turns to Sophie.

"Young lady. You are with child. How wonderful! I feel the blood of the Visible Wyrld growing in you."

She smiles.

"You are right Darnesc. My husband is Steve Blender, otherself of Höryntheus. He'll be so happy to meet you. He's meeting us at the Citadel"

Tears fill the old man's eyes.

"What a blessing, indeed. Vortibris n’gusc. S’orilång kopf. Üt, Sthah!"

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