TUESDAY MORNING - 9:30am 5/1/90 The Citadel

As the others leave the room, Jason turns his attention to Bobby. He pauses for a moment, not really sure how to begin, even though he’s had this conversation many times before.

Even so, it’s weird to have. He closes his eyes and thinks of just a few days ago and smiles faintly as memories of Robin playing with Gabby float across his mind. Her smile, her laugh, the tiny little barks from the pupperino... these are the thoughts that center him. These are the thoughts that bring him clarity. In these dark days, these thoughts are his happy place.

“Tell me about your abilities, Bobby. Where did they come from? Aside from the wonderful light show, what are you capable of? And I apologize. I’m being rude. Do you want anything to drink? Have you had breakfast?”

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