TUESDAY MORNING - 9:32am 5/1/90 The Citadel

Bobby begins unraveling the history with his gift. He details the encounter in Poland, in the old WWII bunker with his brother Ricky, the witch and the magic that would change their world forever. He talks about his brother’s constant experimentation and learning how to manipulate the blue light. He describes the cold sensation Ricky summoned, providing a little cool air when the humid Jersey Summer nights made military housing life uncomfortably warm and sticky. Ricky learned more about using his gift. He was able to project waves of light at targets. At first, a Captain America poster tacked to the back fence. He got better and better. He told of how excited Ricky was when he traveled with the Mountaindale boys down to the Oldham. He said that he was finally finding a purpose for his power. He felt like a superhero, shooting energy out of his hands to take down the trolls attacking his new friends. Bobby becomes sullen as tears well up in his eyes.

“After the accident, things were hard. But John took care of me. And when I started having the dreams...dreams of the blue? I knew that Ricky somehow passed on his power to me. His legacy, ya know?”

Before Jason realizes, the analog clock on the wall shows that it’s 11:45 am. Bobby appears tired. Poor kid.

“You look like you need a stretch. And you must be hungry. Hey, there’s a luncheon in the cafeteria. Let’s go get some grub and lemme introduce you to some people. What do you say?”

The two head out across the hall, following the smell of baked fish, venison, fresh bread and...cheese. Gotta love the cheese.

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