TUESDAY MORNING - 11:50am 5/1/90 The Citadel

As Jason and Bobby step out of the Arcane Office, Anthony is leading a teenaged boy in handcuffs.

"Hey, Merlin. Er...sorry. Jason. (beat) The Sentinel guys just dropped this kid off. I'm gonna stick him in a holding cell until you're ready to question him."

Jason recognizes the boy instantly. They met this morning out on the Turnpike just before the pulse hit and the shredder attacked.

"Hey wait, I know this kid. You're Soren right?"

Soren looks up at Jason, the nice guy with the puppy.

"Yeah. You're Jason. Why am I being locked up?"

Jason looks at Anthony and nods towards Soren.

"You're not. Unlock him Anthony. I know him. We'll work it out."

Anthony's unibrow crinkles into a deep frown.

"I don't know, Mer... Jason. They caught him in a stranger's room at Valley. His hands were all glowy. He says he was healin' 'em."

"It'll be fine."

As Anthony begrudgingly unlocks the cuffs, Jason puts his hand on Soren's shoulder.

"Are you hungry? Me and my friend Bobby here are heading to a luncheon to get some really good food. We'll get a table and talk. Maybe the three of us have something in common."

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