TUESDAY AFTERNOON - 3:20pm 5/1/90 The Citadel

"They seem susceptible to fire. Quick thinking Anthony. And also susceptible to divine power. We haven't seen what arcane energy does to them yet. Jason, keep eyes and ears open when you encounter."

Jacob looks at Mike.

"I think we should talk with Darnesc if they've encountered anything like this in the Visible Wyrld or if these were exclusively engineered here."

"We'll also need to see if any healing miracles, both physical and disease curing, have any effect. But unfortunately, it's a very small window."

Looking at the others.

"Seeing the nature of these things, I think we need to focus on distance attacks, guns, etc. Avoid hand to hand unless absolutely necessary. Do some target practice. And get the word out to the community to not engage them in hand to hand. They need to run to safety."

"Poor Joe, may Mother Surin guide your soul to be at Peace."

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