TUESDAY AFTERNOON - 3:23pm 5/1/90 The Citadel

Jacob steps out in the hallway and runs into Wyatt, pacing around outside since there was limited room in the infirmary.

"Wyatt! Just who I was looking for. Looks like you handled yourself well out there. Are you ready for your first task for the Black Watch? I need you to get some information to your tribe about these creatures. They need to be attacked at a distance, avoiding hand to hand. Bites and possible scratches transmits their plague rather quickly. Creating more. They seem to be susceptible to fire. We're trying to learn as much as we can, as quickly as possible. Tell the tribe. They move slowly so run to safety, do not engage in close combat. Head shots do not stop them. They seem to be animated for one purpose. To Eat. Are you willing to help us? We'll happily work with you to discover more about your new awakening abilities. You're skills may be an asset. Do you have any questions?"

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