TUESDAY AFTERNOON - 3:28pm 5/1/90 The Citadel

As Jacob walks over, Mike turns and nods for him to follow. Walking toward the Operations areas of the Citadel, Jacob replays visual memories of walking these halls during more innocent times.

“What’s up, Mike?”

“Well, we have guests that want to meet with us in the Command Ring.”

“Mysterious. Okay, I like a surprise.”

Mike nods.

“But first I want to talk to you about that kid Wyatt.”

“I was just tasking him with opening some dialogue with his village on behalf of the Black Watch.”

Mike stops outside the Ring.

“Okay, well that’s the thing. (beat) I just met him. And you only met him this morning, naked on the floor of a holding cell in the basement of Meade House. We have to wait a bit and vet potential new members of the Watch. We really don’t know this kid. Especially in light of more and more security issues, we have to be sure of who we give access to the Citadel and the backbone of Mountaindale security.”

Jacob pushes back.

“Well, I’m hardly handing over keys to the weapons arsenal. I’m just...”

“Jacob. You’re a good man and a very trusting, kind leader. Those are some of the qualities that make people want to follow you. But...”

“Mike. I’m not sure if I’m ready for one of your buts.”

“I was just going to say that at times you’re too trusting. You’re the spiritual head of this new movement. The spirit. And I became the strength. The fist. Trust me on this issue. We need to be more cautious.”

Jacob grimaces a bit, finally smiling.

“Yeah. I get it. I tend to react according to my gut. I’m 100% Dr. McCoy and you’re balls-to-the-wall Captain Kirk.”

Mike smirks.

“Without the alien babe on my arm. I’m like the Kirk that spends lonely nights in his ready room with nothing but a filthy Klingon titty magazine and a bottle of Saurian brandy!”

The friends start to laugh, but Mike bites his tongue.

“Come on, Bones. Let’s serious up before meeting with our guests. I hear they’re A-listers.”

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