WEDNESDAY MORNING - 9:23am 5/2/90 Citadel Garage

Jason looks around at everyone as he’s strapping his vest on. He sees the excitement and adrenaline in their faces. But he’s afraid. Keeping quiet, he looks at all of his companions knowing that some of them may not make it back. This is risky. The odds of complete success seem to be somewhere between none and not great.

“At least you can use your gifts to try and keep everyone safe, Merlin.” It’s Robin’s voice in his mind. He smiles and readies himself. This is going to be a rough morning. So he needs to be on his game. No one is getting hurt today.

“Not on my watch,” he mutters to himself as he begins to play with the ring on his finger.

As Jacob speaks, Jason nods curtly. “Always, man. Let’s do this.”

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