WEDNESDAY MORNING - 9:25am 5/2/90 The Belly of the Beast

Mike feels the power in this union.

“Go get’em, Anthony! Let’s clean up this Dan’jaraas’ mess!”

Anthony gets the clearance from the gate guards and guns the gas. The Beast pounces toward post Lane with aggression and attitude. Anthony sounds the horn, announcing to the Citadel that something’s being done.

The Beast turns onto Post, then up Mountaindale Turnpike. Once the ride smooths a bit, Joey turns in the passenger seat to face the gang.

“Listen up! I’ve done some reconnaissance before, so I’m a few steps ahead this time.”

He passes a Polaroid to Paulie as Mike smiles at Jacob.

“I knew he’d get it done.”

Joey hears the comment and nods yes.

“First, this photo shows the Chinkwa Recreation Center. Some of you remember this place from many hours of pool and foozeball and sneaking beers down by the river. Yet, some a youz may remember when the place was still a school.”

He raises his eyebrows.

“Boo Boo? Gino?”

Gino gives the universal Italian forearm slap, followed by a bite to his fist and a flip under his chin.

“Vaffanculo, Joey!” (@#%!$)

Joey smiles.

“Yeah yeah. Anyway, you’ll notice the solid brick construction and the old style window installs. These things are built strong, but they’re old. They’ll break when needed. (beat) The Rec Center ha been closed since late ‘85 and, of course there’s no electricity. It’s a dark, rainy day so be careful. Dan’jaraas navigate the dark like cats. Watch every shadow.”

He hands another picture to Jason.

“This next one is important. I snapped this picture from a map at the Citadel. (beat) You’ll see that the Rec Center sits right on the Chinkwa River, directly across from Condello Island. That is the location of the homeless camp that fed fresh bodies and shamblin’ pusbags to this whole mess. Be aware that there may be others infected coming from that direction. We should keep in mind the added danger of sending infected care packages downstream. The river is running hard with all this rain. Keep that well in mind. (beat) You will also notice that there’s only one road in with a fairly big parking lot. Antny, if you try to cut across the grass instead of the street, the Beast will encounter mud, and lots of it! This maledetta pioggia! (This damned rain!) Also, notice how this dream location is bathed in pink, meaning - as we know - this is Dan’jaraas Territory. Be aware of your surroundings at all times.”

The Polaroids continue to make the rounds.

“Finally. The most important detail. If these bastards migrate inward toward Mountaindale proper, the Medical Building and all its staff are sitting zombie ducks. The gun towers will be no match and ill-prepared for this kind of enemy. At all costs, we do not allow these things out of the pink!”

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