WEDNESDAY MORNING - 9:35am 5/2/90 The Belly of the Beast

Jacob places it back in the pouch.
"Okay, I know Gino and Boo Boo can handle themselves, but I believe we need to stay together at least at first.. We can't let them lure us away from each other then they circle back and take us down one by one."

Jacob looks to Jason.

"Take a moment and look around, see if they're squatting anywhere in particular."

"Luca, can you keep an eye on Jason? Especially while he's 'out of body'."

Jacob pulls the Staff of Olegnos out of the eddy. He makes sure his 9mm is holstered at his hip with an extra clip and know that the four incendiary grenades are still waiting in the eddy. Last he makes sure his Holy Symbol is front and center.

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