WEDNESDAY MORNING - 9:37am 5/2/90 The Belly of the Beast

Mike chambers a round into his pistol, then does the same to his shotgun.

“Jacob. Boo Boo and Gino are definitely able to handle themselves. With that first runner, they could very well stop it from leaving the property. We can’t assume that these things are able to think and plot like before they were infected. So far there’s every indication that the infected are driven by an instinct to eat. We also know that their body fluids are highly infectious, so grouping together may not be a good thing.”

He turns to Luca.

“Luca, I know you’re ready to guard Jason while he’s out of body, but right now that seems like a waste of manpower. Jason, we’ll simply lock the doors to the Beast while your indisposed. Anthony, just make sure all the Beast’s defenses are engaged, got it?”

Anthony gives a thumb up.


“Guys, I know we’re anxious to stop these things as fast as possible. But remember that we have to protect our crew at all costs. Their lives are at risk as well as the potential to spread this crazy disease. Use what you know and use what your otherselves know. We need to locate these things, trap ‘em and burn them to shit! Watch your backs and each other’s backs. Stay alert!”

Joey turns in his seat.

“I’m going to recon the building exterior and entrances. They’ll never see me.”

He’s opens the door and disappears. Mike straps a helmet in place, lowering the face guard.

“You guys got magic...use it. Let’s go!”

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