WEDNESDAY MORNING - 9:39am 5/2/90 Rec Center Parking Lot

Anthony is the last to exit the Beast. He gives a thumbs-up to Jason then closes the door, keying a code into the keypad triggering the Beast security. No one is quite sure as to the extent of these upgrades, but they can all hear a definite whir, several ratchet-like clicks and a solid hum.

“Alrighty. That man is locked up like a Catholic girl five minutes past curfew.”

Anthony is no longer wearing body armor. He kneels in the rain dressed only in simple jacket, light armor vest and the Mantle of Aëthelgrim. Six incendiary grenades dangle from his belt. He bows his head, the Sword of Northern Thunder planted before him in reverence. Rain runs down his soaked hair and face.

“Father, my Father Aëthelgrim. Hear my prayer. I have been too arrogant in my presumptions. Am I a fraud, wearing the mantle of your faith, yet bearing the heart of a street thug, Migdin smuggler? Am I a childish Italian boy, spoiled by a father who simply does not know how to show his love?”

He tries to open his eyes to look up to the sky, but the rainfall is simply too great.

"Father, my Father Aëthelgrim. My resolve is resolute. My will is forged of Garten steel. I kneel before you for the last time as a boy. I will rise a priest forged in battle? I give my strength in your holy name. I give my blood in your honor.”

Anthony stands and shakes his head back and forth. Rain sprays as if from the back of a Nyverian war hound.

"Thy will be done. Seva Koresad, Aëthelgrim Sthah.”

He places the sword back into his eddy and draws out his combat shotgun, cocking it to the ready.

“Let’s take our rec center back from these fucking hippos!”

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