WEDNESDAY MORNING - 9:42am 5/2/90 Rec Center Parking Lot

Jason almost doubts the wisdom of conjuring thoughts of Robin...of Gabby. Maybe it’s harder to concentrate when focused on such emotional...

The Beast disintegrates in an instant. The steel sheets covering her torso fall to the aether, leaving only her bones. Simmering, golden bones of thin, delicate essence. Lines of essence holding reality together before Jason’s eyes.

“Now, that’s more like it.”

Even the walkie that Anthony gave him is now nothing but a beautiful, technical work of lines and space.

He moves through the wall of the Beast, ignoring gravity and the confines of matter. Jason is moving through the trees like quicksilver on a lab table. To the far right of his field of vision he can see Boo Boo and Gino facing off against the runner. He feels the urge to help them somehow, but Mike’s words repeat in his head.

“We need to locate these things, trap ‘em and burn them to shit!”

Jason focuses on that building up ahead. Past his comrades moving stealthily through the trees, past the dark blur of a form that can only be Joey. The closed-for-business rec center, with its boarded windows, bruised with mold and disrepair. The old, window air conditioner, dangling from an upper window like a freshly loosened tooth in a playground fighter’s mouth. Jason sees more now according to the lines of essence and their geometric order. All but the rec center building. WPA construction, now almost sixty years old, still as solid as the day the ribbon was cut. Solid, impenetrable, brick and mortar. Nothing’s getting through that shit. Nothing but me!

Jason moves at the wall with awesome velocity. The old fear of his old mind would crumble in terror at the mere thought of the pain and agony of moving head-on into a solid brick wall at this speed.

No way! It’s my pain and my fear, Arwic you cunt! And I choose not to be that guy anymore. I’m Merlin, you shadow bitch! And, bricks are just little gold lines wrapped around a sick and confused blood-sucker. Uh...make that two!

Jason moves his essence into the very center of the building’s form. He wills his thoughts to his team members....his brothers.

“I got ‘em gentlemen. You should be able to see the targets. Okay, I’m going back to my body, now. I em...think my nose’s bleeding.”

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