WEDNESDAY MORNING - 9:50am 5/2/90 Rec Center Exterior

Crouched down behind some overgrown hedges, the guys listen and watch for any movement. The rain is relentless and the chill is starting to trigger a slight shiver down Mike’s back. He whispers to his friend.

“Y’okay, Laberman?”

Jacob whispers back.

“So far, so good. I wish we could see what’s happening with Boo Boo and Gino.”

“I’m with you on th...”

A sharp burst of auto fire screams out from the east, followed by an inhuman shriek and the cracking of some solid wood.

Mike comes up to one knee, craning just a bit to look in the direction of the sound. Jacob sees Mike rise, when suddenly a brilliant flash lights up his face, followed a fraction of a second later by a deep FUMPF! Mike drops down again, trying to keep watch for the guys’ return.


They both look toward Anthony’s position behind the Center directory. He holds up his index finger confirming one down, then drags the finger across his throat.

Then out of the east comes the shuffled thumping of feet running in their direction. Mike raises his shotgun, then lowers it again when Boo Boo and Gino enter fast through the rain-soaked brush.

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