THURSDAY AFTERNOON - 3:22pm 5/3/90 The Citadel

“Look. I want to be there when von Holstein arrives.”

He gets up and stretches behind the desk.

“I will get the Watch and the Sentinels on alert. But I think its essential that we maintain culpable deniability.”

Jacob bends a bit to look Mike in the eye as he goes through his process.

“Culpable, what now?”

“You never read James Bond? Ian Fleming and LaCarré books are full of the stuff. (beat) Basically, we’re sending a vampire into a privately owned compound to perform a rescue.”


“So...he’s a vampire! Most people don’t know this vampire the way your family does. So, we contact this “monster” telepathically and send him on a blood frenzy? We don’t need to risk alerting the Governor. He's well guarded. I don't think we should jeopardize Joey’s contact by giving them intel they couldn't explain. And, the Governor hates non-humans, and his daughter will tell him everything she knows about the captured spy, our visit to the Kingdom and the vampire rescue.”

Jacob processes what his friend said. Mike sits on the corner of the desk. He drinks from a glass of cold tea with lots of mint.

“I’m going to put the Citadel on high alert. There’s no reason to go overboard at this point. From all we know, the Kingdom members are glorified geeks, camping out at the Renaissance faire. No signs of Shadow beings. If they come for us, we’ll see them coming a mile away. (beat) Besides, it’s highly probable that Terry will be in and out without anyone noticing a thing.”

He strikes a melodramatic, dungeon guard pose.

ZOUNDS! Methink ye prisoner fair hath flown the royal coop! We must inform the King!”

They laugh like in the old days. Jacob catches a quick glimpse of the tea, then goes in for a hug.

“It’s all gonna work out, Mike. You’re doing great.”

“Yeah. Yeah, I know that. See you at dinner.”

Jacob wasn’t expecting that one.

“Dinner? Nice one.”

Well, I want to be there when Terry arrives. And your mother would never not invite me for dinner! Jesus, Laberman.”

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