THURSDAY AFTERNOON - 3:25pm 5/3/90 The Citadel

Sitting at his desk, Jason ponders the events of the day. The hippos and now Robin being kidnapped, it’s enough to make a grown man cry.

With all these wonderful gifts and abilities that I have, I can’t even keep my girlfriend safe. What good is this power if I can’t protect those I love? Sure, she would likely be safe if she hadn’t lied to me.

Nope. Not opening that can of worms yet. The confusion and anger can wait for her to be rescued. Now is not the time. I need to focus. What can I do to get her back?

Maybe a raid in the middle of the night? Wearing all black, I’m sure we could sneak in easily while everyone is asleep. No, don’t need shadowkin to decide that’s when they want to come play.

What about The Beast? Sit out, like those fuckers up with the machine gun? No. Even if they didn’t outnumber us at least 20 to 1, if they have type of magic, it would be suicide.

What if... what if I accepted the offer to trade myself for her? Arwic wants me. I feel like he needs me for something. So I would be at least a little safer than most. Presumably. I could find out what type of plans he has and maybe relay it to the others and try to stay a step ahead of shitshow that’s happening.

No. Arwic isn’t stupid. He knows I’d never make this trade. One life, one beautiful lavender scented life, is not enough to risk everything we have worked so hard to build.

Fucking useless.

A soft knock on the door stirs Jason from the emotional wringer he was in. He reaches up and wipes away a small tear.

“Makes a grown man cry,” he whispers to himself before getting up to answer the door. As he opens it and sees Jacob standing there, he smiles faintly and invites his friend in. “Hey, Jacob. What’s up?”

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