THURSDAY AFTERNOON - 3:30pm 5/3/90 The Citadel

" I don't know where yet. He's coming to my house first for details and then heading out. We can arrange to have him bring her to HQ. Then again. We really should have her checked to make sure she's not injured.

Come over for dinner so you can meet him. Mike will be there too. We can have Terry bring her to HQ. We don't need the new Watchmen freaking out seeing a vampire at the Citadel. Once she's there, you and Robin can use the transporter to go to the infirmary and make sure she is okay.

Curfew is in about a half hour. If you'd like to bring something to add to the meal, I'm sure my mother would appreciate it. She always cooks a ton either way. Maybe some wine to cool our nerves a bit? How's that sound?"

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