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Summary: The Queen of Aluta

Queen Agatha

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Gender: Female

Age: Looks 30, real age unknown

Group: Order of the White Raven (Agatha, her servant)


Queen of Alutla.
Powerful witch


She is skilled in all kinds of swordsmanship. She is also skilled in archery and master at horseback.
She is actually really strong and fast for her appearance. She also heals wounds at an incredibly rate.


She is a master of all kinds of magics. She can fly, create fire, bring the dead back to life, corrupted people, and heal any wound. She is extremely powerful.

Physical Appearance

She is a woman with fair skin, white hair and bright blue eyes. She is a tall woman, at a height of 5'11. She wears beautiful dresses in a range of colors, and dressing her hair in many different ways.

Personality and interests

She is charismatic, sweet and kind. That's at the surface, she is actually sadistic, twisted, and cruel. Seeing people as play things, kidnapping people from the world of men to corrupt them into power, cruel people like herself.


Agatha has been in this world as long as it can remembered. She ruled the world under her heel. She had kidnap thousands of people so she can make them her servants in this world, that was until she pulled in a British Soldier who was fighting in WW2, he defeated her using a magical sword that in turn, corrupted him and transformed him into a demon.

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Image of Queen Agatha
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