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Summary: A hero turned monster

Michael the Destroyer

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Gender: Male

Age: 110

Group: Order of Black Dragon (Michael, his servants)


Britain, America
Human turned Demon


He is a skilled strategist, able to come with militarily plans that no one would ever think of. He is skilled in swordsmanship, archery, and horseback riding.
He is incredibly strong, able to smash walls with his whole body. He is also super fast, though not as fast as a horse.


He is able to summon demons, use destructive power and fire powers. He has a magical sword that catches on fire and slices through anything.

Physical Appearance

He is a demonic man in giant armour. He is at a height if 8'5, so a giant.

Personality and interests

He was once a caring man who would put others before him. Now he is a demonic creature who wants to rule the land as his own, to become the new tyrant of the land. He is cruel, aggressive, and filled with rage.


Micheal fought in ww2, he actually entered the mirror that lead to the magical world to save the one he loved. He then met Agatha who want him to join her, he refused and kept looking for his loved one. He found her, turned into a crow as a servant for Agatha. He left, finding a group of freedom fighters. He joined them, and ended up leading them. The group found out the only way to slay Agatha was to find the sword of Zanoth, the Dark One. Michael found the weapon and used it to defeat Agatha, but he found out the more he used it, the more it corrupted him. So after slaying Agtha he sealed himself away in her old castle, dying on her throne and holding the cursed sword so that it may never find someone else to be it's vessel.

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