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Summary: I hate people that hunt for sport.

Andrew Stormsparrow

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Group: Chosen (People from the world of Men)


Half-elf ranger (just out of apprenticeship)


Andrew is a ranger and a woodsman.
He is very good with the bow and animal skills (tracking, hunting, animal handling)
Good with Bowery and Fletching, good with forest folk, axe, throwing knife.
Okay with sword, and his magic(Using it has a cost)

He prefers an ax and dagger to a sword.


Andrew has some magical abilities.
Minor illusion to hide himself and his horse in the wood.
And some utilitarian magic: heat, a spell to light a fire, a simple mend Spells.

Physical Appearance

Andrew is a redhead with blue eyes and a scruffy start of a mustache. He is thin but in good shape from his training. He has a mottled rangers cloak that helps him to conceal himself in the woods.

Personality and interests

Andrew is a free spirit that is curious and stand up for what he thinks is right. He will follow the laws if they make sense.

He believes there needs to be balance between good and evil.

Andre is interested in learning. He wants to train a dragon.


When Andrew was a boy, he read through the looking glass. He wanted to escape the life he was dealt with an meth using mother and abusive father. He would escape into books. He loved Tolkien and Through the Looking glass.

One night when he was eight he stood at the full size antique mirror in the guest room. His parents were having one of their many fights. He made a poem and prayed that he could escape.

“Twinkle twinkle goes the light as the star they shine so Bright. Where it reflects to a place I wish to know.” And he was pulled through the mirror as it shattered after him.

He found himself laying in the woods. He spent the first night in this new place in a tree, chased there by wolves. The next day he was rescued by his Master, Eldran Stormsparrow, a Wood Elf Ranger who is like a loving father- tough, encouraging, demanding, nurturing.

After 10 years, Andrew has completed his training and is now a ranger.

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Image of Andrew Stormsparrow
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