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Summary: The White Raven

Liliana Raven

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Gender: Female

Age: Looks 22, actually 109

Group: Order of the White Raven (Agatha, her servant)


Human turned Witch


She is extremely persuasive, able to get almost anyone to trust her. She is skilled in archery and horse back riding.


She knows corruption, transformation, illusions, telepathy, poison, and ice magic.

Physical Appearance

She has white hair and fair skin, she usually wears elegant dresses and clothing.

Personality and interests

She seems soft, caring and loving. She is actually twisted, though she does actually mean good intentions for people, it ends up with them being corrupted or dead.


Lilliana was once Lilly Donson, but she stumbled into the mirror world, Agatha corrupted her and turned her into a white raven. Lilly was actually the lost love of Micheal. After Agatha was defeated, Lilliana did everything to bring her mistress back. Now she is ready for her Queen.

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Image of Liliana Raven
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