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Summary: The immortal

Jacob Trek

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Gender: Male

Age: 33

Group: Order of Black Dragon (Michael, his servants)


Senrtion-(Extremely hard to kill human beings)


He is extremely hard to kill, he regenerates wounds four times faster then normal people, he has thick bones and skin, making it impossible to shoot him in the head. He is extremely strong as well, able to snap swords with his bare hands

He is a skilled swordsman and is a master at pushing forces back.


He has a natural ability given to his people that allow them to go into a berserk rage, where they get larger, faster and stronger. After this rage they need lots of food and rest.

Physical Appearance

Long black hair, thick tanned skin, blue tattoos everywhere. Wears fur clothing and steel armour.

Personality and interests

He is a straight forward man, he always tells the truth and is very blunt about Everything.


Jacob comes from a family that have sworn themselves to the Black Dragon. Jacob trained since childhood to be the greatest warrior. He wants to have the land free for the people, and to end the reign of Agatha forever.

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Image of Jacob Trek
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