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Summary: Tribal people


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Gender: Male and Female

Age: Varies

Group: People of Alutla


Voldians-(A sub race of humans that are said to be decents of Cambions. They have powers magics and/or powerful physical bodies)


They are skilled in battle, all of them have enhanced senses, strength and speed. They have black claws, razor sharp teeth. Some of them grow horns. They regenerate twice as fast as humans.


Varies, mostly dark, fire, poison, etc.

Physical Appearance

They all have black claws, razor teeth, and their eyes are reptilian like. Some grow horns on their head or spikes on their bodies. Skin tone varies as does eye color. Some will have different color tattoos.

Personality and interests

They are savage, feral, and agressive.


They are said to be the descents of Cambions that hide in the forest during Agatha's hunts.

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Image of Voldians-NPC
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