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Summary: Leader of the Voldians.

Rina Drakana

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Gender: Female

Age: 23

Group: People of Alutla


The leader of the Voldians


She is a skilled fighter in all kinds of melee, she is highly aggressive in battle. She is able to tame wild animals and call them to her side.

She also has the natural abilities of the Voldians.


She can use healing, fire, dark, blood, poison, and combat magic.

Physical Appearance

She is a pretty woman with blue reptilian eyes, pale skin, raven black hair and sharp teeth. She has black claws and wears tribal bone armour and black robes.

Personality and interests

She is actually caring person, wanting to do whatever she can to help her people, she has a warrior spirit, and is willing to help people she thinks are good people.


Rina was the daughter of Minala, the pervious leader of the Voldians. She was raised with her brother Tarka. They were trained to be the beat warriors, however Rina was trained by her mother Minala the ways of magic and how to be a great leader. He parents were slaughtered by a group of commoners during a raid. She took the throne as the new leader, and with the help of her brother made the Voldians a force to fear.

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Image of Rina Drakana
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