Image of Tarka Drakana

Summary: The Beast

Tarka Drakana

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Gender: Male

Age: 35

Group: People of Alutla


War Cheif


He is skilled in all kinds of combat, he is highly aggressive. His Voldians abilities are twice as stronge, making him a living war machine for them.


None at all.

Physical Appearance

He has long black hair, two horns coming from the side of his head, sharp teeth, green reptilian eyes, black claws and tanned skin. Wears the tribal War Cheif armour.

Personality and interests

He is very feral, and animalistic. He doesn't understand any other language. He is more like a pet, being able to be command by his sister then as a person. He however screams or howls or grunts to respond to people and shows his emotions very well.


Tarka was trained and raised to be the War Chief. His father had trained him to be the greatest warrior of the Voldians. When his parents died, he protected his sister until she could take the throne. Once she did, he lead the Voldians into battle with fierceness.

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