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Master, Sung Shun Shi

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Gender: Male

Age: 50 Looks About 30

Group: Chosen (People from the world of Men)


Human, American / Koran
Grand master Hwarang-Do
Priest of Still Waters


Strong marshal artiest a Master Hwarang-Do and an expert in Moo-Gi-Gun his constant training has given him an uncanny sense of everyone around him. He can pick up sounds most people cannot hear. Some say he can take incredible damage and still live. He can use anything put into his hands as a weapon and is known as an expert sword’s men and archer.
Fluent in Korean, Chinese, English, Japanese, Gymnastics, expert shot with small thrown weapons, expert with Kyudo Bow, Holistic medicine, Master chef oriental foods, Gardening, Biking, Horse riding, Ancient armor/weapons smith.

Profession: Master chef, Gardener, Holistic healer, Priest and Grand master Hwarang-Do


The heavy training allows him to focus his Chi through intense training allowing him to help others with healing. It is vital energy that is held to animate the body internally forcing one’s spirit or life force into energy to help the body heal or be stronger for defense and attack. It allows a person to brake objects. Using Chi and concentrate on people using the Chi a person can know if they are evil or not by how much negative Chi or magic, they may have. You can even focus your Chi though weapons because they are an extension of a person. Chi is of the spirit it can touch the spirit to heal and destroy.

Discipline Areas
Heightened Hearing, Body-harmony, Body CHI, Vital Harmony Kango-shchogeikan resist heat and cold a little longer than normal, Martial art Awareness Zanshin, Reflex Training, Chi-Gun resist cuts to the skin, Fill object w/chi, Iai-jutsu fast draw, Yin-Yang Kata damage magic monsters or beings. Iron hand / Tamashiwara harden fist can punch medal. Chi-healing helps body and Mind in healing, Calm Minds helps calm the mind of an angry or frightened person.

Physical Appearance

looks to be in his 30’s his is about five feet eleven inches. He looks very athletic at 200 pounds. His shaved head is distinctive of him He has piercing green eyes and you can tell by his skin he has been outdoors a lot. Sung normally wares Light colored clothing but mostly seen in lose fitting heavy fabric pants and shirt with a metal belt, Vambraces and shin guards. His boots come almost to his needs and made of heavy leather he has been warring of late wearing a sur coat that from his school with a crest on the back. His Tiger hook swords are in a black sheath that is on his backpack crossed with the handles to his sides. He has a chain raped around his waist under the sur coat. He carries two Iron smoking pipes in the tucked into his belt. On any given day he can be also seen with an assortment of Marshal art weapons on him like the Wushu Kung Fu Tiger Head Double Hooks Tiger Hook Swords. Sung dose carry a Yumi bow on his back and a quiver of arrows when he is out.

Personality and interests

Sung lives and loves to outwit opponents in combat, persuading people to help him against their better sensibilities. He is best for the Stealth and Thinker type and a loyal friend and so mostly turns his talents on the enemy. He often has respect for the rights of other thoughts but, again, with a good enough justification provided, he may allow himself to be convinced that a Lawful action can be a bent. He doesn’t mind being in ranged combat but his personal is his favorite is melee. In combat he likes to be doing something clever or spectacular Using stealth and tactics to get around. The loosening rocks on the hillside above to drop down on the enemy, persuading one of the enemy’s allies to turn on the enemy, anything that will demonstrate his superiority over the enemy. He is often the party’s negotiator, as he loves talking with other characters and getting the best possible deal for himself and his friends. He will adapt himself to the personality of the person he’s talking to concealing his true thoughts and emotions behind the mask he thinks is most appealing to the other opponent. It’s very hard to find out what the he is thinking or feeling most of the time. He can be overly polite and often talks as if he is apologetic for everything. He loves good food and making good food loves to cook when he can. Finding good tea and a good blow of rice is one of his favorite things to do.


In the beginning of the new world he took the name of Young Sung. Sung Shun Shi was his original name on the other side. But he was a human being by the name of Sung Shun Shi, his identity. Somewhere during his lifetime Sung lost his mother and father due to a car accident. Their death occurred not far from their home. He vividly remembers seeing it happen with his own eyes in the morning. He was an Instructor in the city they lived in. He used the Martial arts to get away from the stress of life. He was good at it. He could use his real skills on this side is a good at Martial Arts and cooking, so it came natural to him.

Sung had been dragged into the Mirror like many others. That was the last moments of a normal life. Not being able to say buy to anyone in the end he was alone. He curses the old Chinese mirror every day in his mind. He could not find a way back now here for years He has traveled in the Mountain. He found some peace with a priest hood. At Monastery of Stillness in the center siting in a meditative position. Sung knew something was wrong. He stayed for about a day wondering around. He knows that he had to travel out to find what happened and what was going on. That was about one month ago and now finds himself wandering investigating how this could have happened. He has attained a Priest Hood called Still Waters where he improved his Martial Arts, he has worked his way to become a Master in this world to in in many techniques and high-level master in Holistic medicine, linguistics, Healer and many other skills.

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