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Andrew’s eyes recovered as Jacob dealt with Lilliana. Forcing her hands together was an interesting bit of knowledge Andrew thought he should remember. Mages were a tricky bunch. Jacob made it look easy. That meant that he was a powerful being as well.

Andrew looked at her guards that were left by their mistress to the mercy of Jacob and the three of them. Andrew used a tactic he learned from his master dealing with highway men.

“Drop your weapons and strip down to your undergarments then we will let you go,” he said like he was a sheriff then continued, “Or would you like these nice people to take you prisoner and have you work off all the damage your friends have done.”

It really wasn’t much of a choice as he thought some of the more creative towns folks could find some chains and hard labor. When they had stripped down and he was sure the weapons were all removed he wadded their clothing in a ball handing it to them.

“Here is your clothes, when you get out of town you can put them on. I don’t want you to freeze to death on a cold night,” Andrew said and he meant that. The armor would take them time to replace. Swords and knives would be easily with a group of fighting men.

He looked at Jacob after the man left. He was glad the large man was there.
“Thank you,” Andrew said with some relief. Handing over the men’s coin purses to Jacob. “For the Town folks to pay for repairs,” he said. He knew that if Jacob handed it over and said it was for repairs, it would be used that way. Men who have an arrow in their back and get blasted with an attack spell and shake it off, then to have their orders followed.

Andrew noticed that the place and cleared out as people left to check their homes and businesses.

Andrew watched Sung Shun Shi climb back off the table with as much graces as getting on it. It reminded him of the Martial Arts movies he watched as a child early on Sunday mornings.

“We are,” Andrew said to Jacob’s question.
“I am Andrew Stormsparrow of the Silver Moss Forest in Crags Valley,” He bowed slightly at the waist to show respect. Then he picked up a set of the armor and held it up eye balling it against Lars.

“This set should fit you,” he said holding the armor up.
Then he continued, “Though the boots may be a bit tight for a week or so.”

He put the weapons and the other set of armor on the table for Shi to inspect and take if her needed. He kept one of the traveling cloaks for himself. It was thick and warmer than his cloak. he couldn’t tell if anything was magical, his Master said that he would be able to be a mage, if he could find someone to teach him. The little magic he learned was useful spells like how to hide in nature, to stay warm, and some minor mending. Compared to his master he was still a novice and like most young men he wanted to be out in the woods exploring than in books.

Andrew sat down on a chair and waited to see what Jacob was going to tell them. It seemed that they were going to be pulled into an epic conflict.

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