what to do

Jacob turned to the three men. "So, you guys from the world of men?"
World of men, he now had heard that multiple times. So he was really somewhere else.
He didn't know what to answer, so he just shrugged his shoulders.

“This set should fit you,” he said holding the armor up. Then he continued, “Though the boots may be a bit tight for a week or so.”

Lars raised an eyebrow and looked at the armor he held up. After a few seconds of considering he took it from him, what he just saw made him realize his 'modern' clothing wouldn't be enough to protect him. "Thank you," he said and smiled. "I'm Lars Erickssen, from Stockholm," he continued. He sat down as well, silent in confusion. Still he couldn't believe this all was happening. He must be dreaming. As Andrew was looking at the man who came in, he also looked at him. He would know what to do next.

(sorry short, next wil be longer)

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