So who wants war.

Jacob turned to the three men. "So, you guys from the world of men?"

Sung gracefully got off the table with a quick hop and spin landing he walked for a corner he puck up his stuff a bow and bed roll with a bag. A handle to a sword poked out from the bed roll. Walking back over to the table the others were at. He flipped a chair back up on its feet with his foot he set his stuff next to it.

“I am Andrew Stormsparrow of the Silver Moss Forest in Crags Valley,” He bowed slightly at the waist to show respect. Then he picked up a set of the armor and held it up eye balling it against Lars.

“This set should fit you,” he said holding the armor up.
Then he continued, “Though the boots may be a bit tight for a week or so.” He said to Lars

Lars raised an eyebrow and looked at the armor he held up. After a few seconds of looking things over. he took it from him, "Thank you," he said and smiled. "I'm Lars Erickssen, from Stockholm," he continued. He sat down as well, silent in confusion.

Andrew put the weapons and the other set of armor on the table. He kept one of the traveling cloaks for himself. he stood in thought. Sung wondered what could be going through some one’s mind in this time.

Sung realized that Andrew was looking at him as he laid the stuff on the table. walking over looking at the armor and weapons Sung Bowed deeply “I am Master Sung, a seeker of peace and wisdom. I am honored to be able to help you all.” He said humbly. He looks over the stuff on the table “I am a simple man and this stuff is not of a grate quality but thank you” says and bows some.

Andrew sat down on a chair and waited to see what Jacob was going to tell them. It seemed that they were going to be pulled into an epic conflict.

Sung sat his chair pulling a medal smoking pipe out from his shirt. He took a punch from his belt and took some tabaco out and packed it. with a quick motion there was a grinding nose across the top of the pipe sparks few as Sung puffed on the pipe.

As the smoke raised from the pipe. “I am to guess we are dragged into your war now” Sung asked.

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