War for the Crown

Jacob sighed as he pulled out a chair and took a seat, "I'm sorry that you got dragged here." He pulled the arrow out of his back without any effort. His wound immediately began healing. "My guess is Lars is the newest out of the the rest of you. So to fill you in Agatha is a tyrant witch who ruled over these lands, that was until Michael came along and defeated her. That woman that you saw was Lilliana, the White Raven. She used to a woman named Lily, Agatha tricked her and corrupted her into that witch you saw. You see Lily was Micheal's soon to be. How's now he is slumbering in the ruins of King's Keep. You see Alutla will change you, doesn't matter if you are good or bad, it will leave a mark on all if you, both good and bad. Michael went from being a great hero to a demon woarst then Agatha. Even though he lost his way, we still fight for his beliefs before then." Jacob sighed, "Voldians have been on the move, seems like Agatha and the Dragon have a thorn in their sides. I only wished we could find a way to get them on our side." He popped his wrist back into place. "What will you three do now?"

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