"No, nobody did hurt me," she squeaked in reply as she heard Andrew's voice. She climbed out of bed, quickly throwing on a robe and walking to the hallway. "What was that?" she asked, looking into the direction the creature had disappeared.

Sung walked to the door then looked back “not sure but I don’t think they were after you or they would had stayed. It was a man a that smelled of the wild. All I saw was two horns coming from the side of his head and got a glimpse of green reptilian eyes and black claws. Wearing some tribal looking armor.” Sung describes. He walks and looks at the floor then the smashed door. This cant be fixed until morning. I will sleep here just in case

She jumped on it's back and rode to the farmhouse, Tarka ran after his sister, and many Voldian warriors followed them on their own dire wolves. They continue to play their horns, they would be arriving.

As Sung sat meditating. His tiger hook swords next to him. he could hear the nose coming he opened his eyes he listens his training had told him they were with wolves’ large ones several approaching. He got to his feet and hung his swords in his belt. “We have people and large wolves coming.” He said loudly so everyone could hear him as he stepped on to the porch.

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