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Summary: Switchblade is the crime boss of Oasis town and enemy of Bravestone

Switchblade NPC

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Gender: Male

Age: 45

Group: Villains

Real Name/Gender/Age



South American


Rocket Launcher



Physical Appearance

An old tanned man in black leather with a black fedora.

Personality and Interests

An antagonistic mafia resident of the Oasis town. He hate Bravestone.


Switchblade is an antagonistic mafia resident of the Oasis town of "JUMANJI", and the husband of the seductive Flame. In the Mountain Fortress Adventure, Switchblade is also the in-game weakness of Dr. Smolder Bravestone, a former lover of Flame's.

Although Switchblade is listed as Smolder Bravestone's only weakness in the Mountain Fortress game, and also the only villain character to kill Bravestone, the specific reason for being listed as Bravestone's weakness would more likely be Switchblade's personal hate of Dr. Bravestone because of his previous relationship with Flame. Since Bravestone was never completely invincible in the Jaguar Shrine Adventure and could still be killed by other means, and Switchblade was also able to kill the other avatars as well, this is the more plausible reason.


Can't leave Oasis
Flame: Loves his wife on an insane level

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