Reunited--And It Feels So Good

It was complete pandemonium as the freed fighters turned on their captors. Ruby thought about stepping in, but decided against it; this was a long time coming, and they needed it.

A few guards tried attacking her or Ronnie, and they spent the last few seconds of consciousness regretting that decision.

Three familiar figures surged out of the chaos: Mick, Mouse, and Shelly.

Ronnie stepped forward, but Ruby stopped her.

“They’re okay, they’re with me,” she said.

Mouse openly ogled the women until Mick smacked him upside his head. With great reluctance, he reached into his backpack and produced a shirt for Ruby which was an exact copy of her usual one.

“Thanks,” she said as she put it on. “I felt naked without it.”

She looked over at Ronnie.

“You want one?” she asked.

Ronnie shook her head.

“I’m used to guys looking…as long as they only look,” she said. “If they try anything else…”

She smacked a fist into her open palm and glanced meaningfully at the men.

Suddenly, driving rock music began playing, and everyone looked at Mouse, who was holding a boom box.

Ruby looked around and could see the fight was winding down—a lopsided victory for the former prisoners—but she could see they wanted more.

“I got an idea,” she said to the others. “Follow me.”

She made her way back to the ring, where the microphone had once again descended from the ceiling.

“HEY EVERYBODY!!!” she called out, and the female fighters turned to look at her.

“YOU WANT SOME MORE?!” she asked.

They roared.


They roared, and she led them out.


Up in the throne room, the queens looked on video monitors, their faces expressionless—though that might have been to the Botox injections they received, which was one of the most tightly guarded secrets in the city.

“A tad disconcerting, wouldn’t you say, sister?” said Nyleptha.

“Quite,” said Sorias. “I think we should prepare to receive them, sister.”

“An excellent idea, sister,” said Nyleptha. “Captain!”

The African guard captain, who had still managed to keep his head, ran into the room and dropped to one knee.

“Yes, my Queens?” he asked.

“Rebels are storming the palace,” said Sorias. “Deal with them.”

“Yes, my Queens,” he said.

“But do allow the heroes of Jumanji through,” said Nyleptha. “We shall deal with them personally.”

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