You Make The Call!

Ruby looked around and could see the fight was winding down—a lopsided victory for the former prisoners—but she could see they wanted more.
“I got an idea,” she said to the others. “Follow me.”
She made her way back to the ring, where the microphone had once again descended from the ceiling.
“HEY EVERYBODY!!!” she called out, and the female fighters turned to look at her.
“YOU WANT SOME MORE?!” she asked.
They roared.
They roared, and she led them out.

Mick and Mouse dropped their jaws at the scantily clad gladiator women cheering Ruby on for more violence. It was truly a site to see but the moment quickly passed as Shelly interrupted them to stop ogling the women. Mick rubbed the back of his neck as he gave another charming smile, while Mouse gripped about his mother nagging him yet again.

Mick looked at Ruby then Mouse followed by Shelly before he spoke in his Aussie accent.

Mick: Yah knaow thy weell hahve a lawt of guahds and trahps witein faw us whaen we geh' theah roigh'?

You know they will have a lot of guards and traps waiting for us when we get there right?

Mouse: Good point. So what should we do? I am okay with running away.

Shelly seemed to agree to avoid the violence all together. Mick wanted to do the same but he could see in Ruby's eyes she was going there alone if necessary. Despite being a coward at heart, Jack aka Mick was not such a smile ball as to abandon Ruby. He knew he had to man up and be by her side if he wanted to stay on her good side. After a bit of thought he rubbed his chin and then got an idea as he gave them another charming smile.

Mick: Eh meowse....tyke a gahndah in yoah bahckpahck faw some moah dynuymoigh' and mahtches.

Eh Mouse....take a gander in your backpack for some more dynamite and matches.

Mouse looked at Mick for a moment then began searching in his bag for some dynamite. He pulled out a toaster, a lighter, then a can of mace, followed by a battle axe, then some nunchucks, then a box of Twinkies and last of course a bundle of dynamite. Mick gave the axe to Ronnie, the nunchucks to Ruby the mace to Shelly, the Twinkies for the ladies in the back and lighter and dynamite for himself. He gave them another charming smile as he nodded at them.

Mick: Oolroighty thaen. We weell gao weeth a full frawntahl assault and thaen stawp sao Oy cahn chuck thiies heah dynuymoigh' at the meeddle of the guahds t' maess 'em up rayl bahd, thaen we chahge thaem and dayl weeth the twiien queens. Its a ruff plahn buh' Oy theenk we hahve enough payps t' ide us.

Alrighty then. We will go with a full frontal assault and then stop so I can chuck this here dynamite at the middle of the guards to mess 'em up real bad, then we charge them and deal with the twin Queens. Its a rough plan but I think we have enough peeps to aid us.

Mouse: Are you serious? That's a terrible plan. We could all die.

Mick: Relahx liiel dude. ih''ll wehk.

Relax lil dude. It'll work.

Mouse and Shelly rolled their eyes up believing Mick was in over his head. Ronnie didn't seem to care since she wanted vengeance regardless. So Mick had Ronnie tell the others they would charge up to the guards and Mick would deliver a message to scare them and after the message they would charge the palace. Ronnie then stood up on the podium and gave a rousing speech to the masses and they cheered her on before Mick winked at Ruby and led the charge towards the guards.

Up in the throne room, the queens looked on video monitors, their faces expressionless—though that might have been to the Botox injections they received, which was one of the most tightly guarded secrets in the city.
“A tad disconcerting, wouldn’t you say, sister?” said Nyleptha.
“Quite,” said Sorias. “I think we should prepare to receive them, sister.”
“An excellent idea, sister,” said Nyleptha. “Captain!”
The African guard captain, who had still managed to keep his head, ran into the room and dropped to one knee.
“Yes, my Queens?” he asked.
“Rebels are storming the palace,” said Sorias. “Deal with them.”
“Yes, my Queens,” he said.
“But do allow the heroes of Jumanji through,” said Nyleptha. “We shall deal with them personally.”

Over three thousand prisoners armed with weapons now charged along with Mick and Ruby as Shelly and Mouse had trouble keeping up. It wasn't long till they saw a good one thousand armed guards defending the entrance of the palace. The prisoners then stopped a good hundred feet away as Mick was hiding behind a few slaves. Ronnie then taunted the guards with some emasculating words while Mick was lighting the dynamite out of site. The Captain of the guards demanded they surrender or they would skin them alive and feed them to the wild life. The slaves and Ronnie protested as tempers flared up. Then as both sides were about to engage, Mick hurled a bundle of lit dynamite into the middle of the crowd of guards in the center.

The anger induced guards were not ready for this as they simply swatted the dynamite to the side before realizing what it was. Since both sides were riled up with anger they could not hear the guards in the middle trying to warn them in time before the dynamite exploded in the center of the one thousand guards. Body parts were sent flying all over the guards as the blast killed a good hundred guards and wounded another four hundred of them. This greatly reduced their numbers as they panicked from unknown attack and began tripping on each other.

Ruby and Ronnie of course led the charge to capitalize on the attack and Mick then followed them to pick off a few survivors. The poor Captain got knocked down by his own men during the blast and before he could recover he was beheaded by Ronnie and her new axe. The freed slaves swarmed the guards and beat them with rocks or any weapon they could find. Sheer numbers were in their favor as they caused the guards to panic. Eventually Mick, Mouse and Shelly caught up to Ruby at the entrance of the palace while the freed slaves were dealing with the guards.

Mick: Waell thaht waent waell. shohl we dayl weeth the tweens aw laeh' the loculs hahve at 'em?

Well that went well. Shall we deal with the twins or let the locals have at 'em?

Mick looked at Ruby as if he want her to make the decision. Mouse and Shelly were not in favor of more voilence.


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